3 Benefits of Risk Identification

Unfortunately, life can be unpredictable, and an untimely diagnosis can be physically and financially disastrous. However, it does not have to be. HealthCues offers supplemental healthcare solutions that allow employers to provide their employees with preventative healthcare services. In particular, HealthCues offers risk identification, a tool used to collect an individual’s health information to identify and assess their unique health risks. Risk identification is a potentially life-saving service that can lower the overall cost of treatment and make a treatment plan more manageable.


Potentially Life-Saving

Risk identification is a potentially life-saving service that predicts and classifies 35 different conditions while identifying and ranking the health risks of a patient’s unique environment. Becoming more aware of the conditions you are the most at risk for allows a person to monitor for symptoms of these conditions, even allowing them to detect an illness early. Early detection is vital to treating illnesses, making risk identification services potentially life-saving. 


Lower Cost of Treatment 

Identifying health risks early in life makes it much easier to make lifestyle changes to impact one’s health positively. These early lifestyle changes can prevent some conditions altogether. By preventing the health condition, patients can expect to save both time and money on lengthy and expensive treatments. In some cases, taking preventative measures to reduce the risk of illnesses may not prevent the condition altogether but could make a treatment plan more financially manageable. 


More Manageable Treatment Plan 

In addition to the financial benefits, utilizing risk management can make a treatment plan for an illness more manageable physically. Making lifestyle changes such as a change in diet or implementing daily exercise can prevent a condition that one is more susceptible to altogether. If treatment is necessary, taking preventative measures can reduce the risk of complications during treatment. 


In conclusion, risk identification is a service that allows patients to assess potential health risks. By becoming aware of potential health risks, patients have the opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes that are potentially life-saving. Preventative measures to reduce serious illness risks can make a treatment plan more affordable. HealthCues offers risk-identification services and workplace health solutions with no out-of-pocket costs, including behavioral health services. HealthCues provides other preventive healthcare solutions, including genomics testing, a digital health portal, personalized coaching, telehealth services, and behavioral health services.



About HealthCues

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, HealthCues offers workplace health solutions with no out-of-pocket costs, bridging the gap between employers, employees and the path to wellness with a positive financial impact. Offerings include hospitalization plans, increase take home pay for employee and employer savings in payroll, DNA screenings, health coaching, biometric screening, telehealth services, mental health services and more. The Employee Personal Health Dashboard provides 60 language translations, fitness and vitals tracking, incentive tracking, behavior identification modules, 250+ multimedia videos, wearable device connection and fitness integration challenges. For more information on HealthCues please visit www.HealthCues.com or email info@Healthcues.com.

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