Employee Solutions.

Motivating Individuals To Take Actions That Improve Their Total Well-being.

Health Assessment

Online health assessment questionnaire for new and existing employees that provides actionable data to inform effective disease prevention and health programs.

Health & Behavioral Coaching

Dedicated health and behavioral coaching team to help mentor, monitor and motivate participating employees to take key actions to optimize their health

Biometric & DNA Screenings

Objective biometric screening exams  along with DNA kits that can help identify potential health concerns for each employee.

Digital Portal

HealthCues provides a specialized, fully integrated technology suite developed with the goal of assisting employees in establishing a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously improving employee productivity and reducing the need for costly health services.


On demand telemedicine enabling medical consultation to take place through secure, electronic communication including bi-directional video conferencing, telephone and email.

Health Education

Custom health content meant to educate through proven micro-learning techniques.

Learn how our preventative healthcare platform can energize and engage your employees.

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Find out if your company qualifies for preventative health benefits
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