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HealthCues is an employer service and solutions company dedicated to promoting health in an effort to prevent acute and chronic disease.

Health Assessment

Online health assessment questionnaire for new and existing employees that provides actionable data to inform effective disease prevention and health programs.

Health & Behavioral Coaching

Dedicated health and behavioral coaching team to help mentor, monitor and motivate participating employees to take key actions to optimize their health.

Biometric & DNA Screenings

Objective biometric screening exams along with DNA kits that can help identify potential health concerns for each employee.

Digital Portal

Digital Portal

HealthCues provides a specialized, fully integrated technology suite developed with the goal of assisting employees in establishing a healthy lifestyle while simultaneously improving employee productivity and reducing the need for costly health services.

24/7 Telemedicine & Teletherapy

Easily request medical consultations to receive diagnosis and treatment plans for you and your family.

Health Education

Health Education

Custom health content meant to educate through proven learning methods.

Plan Coverage

Limited Hospitalization Plan Coverage

Helps cover those unexpected costs that result from hospitalizations, emergency room visits and ambulatory services. Benefits are paid directly to the member to apply as needed.

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