HealthCues Announces Strategic Partnership With Stayhealthy; A Healthcare Technology Company

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HealthCues Announces Strategic Partnership With Stayhealthy; A Healthcare Technology Company

PONTE VEDRA, FL (February 14, 2023) – HealthCues, a preventative healthcare platform helping employers and employees bridge the gap between preventative healthcare and positive financial impact is pleased to announce its partnership with Stayhealthy. Stayhealthy is a healthcare technology company bringing together the most advanced tools to measure, track and change the health and wellness status to millions of users.

HealthCues continued expansion of service offerings is excited to partner with Stayhealthy’s various mobile apps and platforms that will be provided through HealthCues existing platform. This partnership allows HealthCues users direct access to a suite of resources, apps, entertainment, and games – all of which are focused on the mission to support and promote a healthy lifestyle.

With over 25 years of industry experience, Stayhealthy’s range of services has been developed after completing comprehensive clinical trials through leading universities in the United States. OWL (Own Your Wellness & Living), a cancer survivor platform and scientifically developed, is a personalized platform providing 4 resources (cancer & health education, healthy eating, daily activity, and mindful life cycle) critical to cancer prevention and other diseases, is one of the apps HealthCues will provide to its users.

Another unique offering provided on behalf of Stayhealthy is Color Quest AR, an app developed to educate both children and adults about their health and wellness through interactive coloring and Augmented Reality. The Snack Town All-Stars are comprised of Color Quest characters that perform music and music videos to entertain, educate and get children to exercise. This is an

exclusive distribution partnership Stayhealthy has with Bungalo/Universal Music Group.

Through this partnership, the music is distributed on Apple, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Tidal, and more; in English and Spanish. Parents and children around the world are tuning in to their video content on their YouTube channel – with many other accompanying apps such as the Diet Free Life and Body Fact Index, Stayhealthy has also developed entertainment and health-related apps for brands such as Burger King, Netflix, Ford, Nickelodeon, and more.

“Our ultimate goal is to help people change their relationship with health education through entertainment, technology, and engagement,” said Ziggy Kormandel, President of Stayhealthy. “Knowledge is power at all ages and we hope to reach as many individuals as possible through as many mediums. Our partnership with HealthCues will be incredibly beneficial by spreading knowledge, together, and in an accessible way.”

“Together with Stayhealthy, we can bring even more resources directly to the user,” said Doug Frederick, CEO of HealthCues. “Most often, engagement dwindles when service offerings are hard to access. We are pushing to close that gap and empower users with in-hand tools, and education. Stayhealthy has so many dynamic apps that are rich in content, this partnership was a no-brainer for our team.”

The HealthCues program was introduced four years ago with industry-leading insurance carriers, top-notch risk assessment and underwriters, and best-in-class third-party administrators with the intent to inspire employers with financially sound options for preventative healthcare programs and resources. The HealthCues program services include whole family telehealth services, biometric screening, lower overall deductibles, and in-health coaching ranging from weight loss to diabetes management and prevention services. Companies save an average of $600 per employee a year by adopting supplementary benefits provided by HealthCues.

About HealthCues

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Ponte Vedra, FL, HealthCues offers workplace health solutions with no out-of-pocket costs, bridging the gap between employers, and employees and the path to wellness with a positive financial impact. Offerings include hospitalization plans, increase take-home pay for employee and employer savings in payroll, DNA screenings, health coaching, biometric screening, telehealth services, mental health services, and more. The Employee Personal Health Dashboard provides 60 language translations, fitness and vitals tracking, incentive tracking, behavior identification modules, 250+ multimedia videos, wearable device connection, and fitness integration challenges. For more information on HealthCues please visit or email

About Stayhealthy, Inc.

Founded in 1995, Stayhealthy Inc. is a healthcare technology company that has brought together the most advanced tools to measure, track and change millions of users’ health and wellness status. Over the decades, Stayhealthy has learned what doesn’t work in healthcare, and as a result, has identified engagement, education, and retention as its core strategic initiatives. Stayhealthy is now launching a mobile platform with apps based on highly accurate, clinically valid screening tools delivered with patented augmented reality technology.

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