5 Ways to Improve Employee Attraction and Retention

Hiring and retaining qualified employees is a vital aspect of the success of any organization or business. When an organization has employees that possess various talents, it is more likely that its efforts will be fruitful. Maintaining a healthy relationship between employee and employer is vital to attracting talents and motivating and retaining them as well. Here are five ways to improve employee attraction and retention. 


Supplementary Benefits 


Supplementary benefits are additional insurance policies in place to fill in the gaps left by basic medical coverage in an accident or critical illness. If a person falls ill or gets injured in an accident, they must pay these additional fees out-of-pocket. Companies can show they care for their employees by providing supplementary benefits. When qualified candidates are on the job hunt, they look for positions that offer supplemental healthcare benefits. 


Preventative Healthcare 


Preventative healthcare includes regular doctor visits and screenings to prevent serious health issues. Like supplementary benefits, providing employees with access to preventive healthcare attracts qualified candidates and makes current employees more inclined to stay with a company instead of joining the ranks of a competitor. 


Emphasis on Wellness 


A hot topic in business is this notion of work/ life balance. The idea of what constitutes a successful organization is constantly changing. Now, organizations are reevaluating their priorities to give employees a chance to focus on their mental and social health. 


Organizational Culture 


Organizational culture reflects the identity of an organization and is the culmination of values, practices, behaviors, and forms of communication that the members of an organization share (Wood, 2017). Some components of organizational culture include vocabulary, stories, rites, and rituals. Take vocabulary, for example. The words we say have a certain level of meaning. Language is a powerful tool that can either untie a group or tear it apart. Employees tend to be more satisfied with inclusive language that uplifts and conveys respect. A unique organizational culture attracts qualified candidates and gives current employees the sense that they are part of a larger community. 


Career Development 


Offering career growth and development opportunities within an organization are vital to attracting and retaining qualified employees. When looking for a new job, qualified candidates tend to be attracted to positions with organizations where they can learn new skills and opportunities to earn promotions. Offering opportunities for employees to develop their careers and earn promotions within the organizations improves overall employee satisfaction and retention. 



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