Meeting the Needs of Transportation Franchise Workers

Across every industry, we’re seeing a growing requirement for companies to provide preventative healthcare benefits. In times of economic uncertainty and public health emergencies, workers are simply expecting more from their employers. 

This is especially true for transportation franchise industries, including Amazon Delivery Service Partners and trucking companies.

COVID-19 dramatically affected transportation industries, arguably more than most other fields. For example, according to the American Trucking Association (ATA), trucking companies had a record-low number of workers in 2021. With an aging workforce and fewer people willing to join the field, the ATA expects this shortage to double by 2030.

In order to meet the pressing transportation needs of our time, we must consider the needs of the industry’s essential workers. When franchise owners offer preventative healthcare benefits, they also ensure higher levels of job satisfaction and retention.

Reducing Transportation Worker Shortages and Absences

The transportation franchise industry encompasses a wide range of fields, from air transportation to ride-share companies. These fields help our society run smoothly, and disruptions to them can cause noticeable impacts.

Unfortunately, certain franchises within the severe shortages within the travel industry are jeopardizing supply chains and travel. The pandemic disproportionately affected transportation workers, who were 20.6% more likely to become unemployed than workers in other industries.

Some transportation industries have recovered, but others are still feeling the effects. For example, Amazon Delivery Service Partners are having trouble retaining staff due to heavy workloads. This has caused many small business owners to end their contracts with Amazon, leaving them in debt and their remaining workers unemployed.

The pandemic also emphasized the cruciality of the transportation sector. These workers are truly essential and fundamental to a functioning society. Without them, our supply chains and other essential services suffer. We depended on ride-share workers to deliver our groceries, truck drivers to transport goods, and airline workers to allow for safe travel.

To encourage more workers to join the transportation industry, employers need to step up to the plate. In 2020, employers began to provide higher salaries to attract new workers. However, this approach was ineffective long-term, as companies are still struggling to increase their workforce. 

Offering above-average preventative healthcare benefits for employees can have a significant impact on hiring and retention rates. Caring for workers, both mentally and physically, improves their morale and peace of mind. Furthermore, employees who have access to benefits such as free preventative health assessments are less likely to miss work and more likely to have job satisfaction.

Keeping the Public and Workers Safe

Due to the nature of their jobs, transportation franchise workers are at high risk of infections, outbreaks, and general illnesses. This risk increases during periods of high disease and virus rates, like the pandemic or flu season.

Certain sectors of the transportation franchise, like delivery drivers and airline workers, are often in contact with members of the public. They’re more likely to interact with vulnerable populations such as the elderly, children, and those with pre-existing health conditions. While necessary, these interactions put both the public and the transportation workers’ health at risk.

From 2020 to 2021, outbreaks of COVID-19 in public transportation industries increased by 68.4%. Comparatively, outbreaks in other industries increased by 22.9%. 

It’s clear that in public health crises like the pandemic, transportation workers are more at risk. Therefore, preventative health assessments are not just beneficial but also necessary for these workers.

When you better protect transportation franchise workers, you better protect those at the receiving end of their services. If your transportation staff has access to frequent testing and health checkups, they are more likely to stay healthy. This reduces the risk of illness being transmitted to vulnerable populations.

Flexible and advanced healthcare coverage for employees can be a powerful incentive for them to seek medical attention at the earliest sign of illness, rather than delaying care due to financial concerns or fear of missing work.

Helping Transportation Workers Feel Better and Be Productive 

It’s no surprise that when staff members of transportation franchises feel mentally and physically secure, they tend to work more efficiently. A study on workplace mental health found that employees with untreated depression were less productive, had more absences, and were more likely to experience burnout.

Transportation workers often endure long hours, high workloads, and irregular schedules. Trucking companies, for example, are facing an aging workforce, putting more pressure on existing staff to pick up the slack. Similarly, delivery drivers are dealing with unrealistic workloads and higher stress levels.

If not properly cared for, workers may experience physical ailments that impact their ability to work and quality of life. Additionally, without access to mental healthcare options, they are at a higher risk of burnout, which can increase work absences or make them want to leave the field altogether.

The pandemic only exacerbated these issues. Transportation employees deserve to protect themselves in times of uncertainty, both mentally and physically.

Flexible and attractive preventative healthcare options encourage more workers to join the transportation franchise. In turn, this reduces staff shortages, leading to less grueling workloads and more workplace satisfaction. 

We have the power to uplift and enhance the quality of life for transportation workers. Access to mental and preventative health assessmentscan significantly elevate workers’ morale. Giving them the opportunity to be proactive about their well-being will improve performance and decrease turnover rates.

Make the Change

Ensuring transportation workers’ contentment, health, and overall well-being is fundamental for a well-functioning society. By offering comprehensive healthcare coverage, transportation franchises can…

  • Increase job satisfaction and retention rates
  • Reduce worker shortages
  • Protect the public from illness and disease
  • Improve the quality of service provided to the public

It’s time for transportation industries to prioritize the health and well-being of their essential workers. That’s where HealthCues comes into the picture.

HealthCues is a preventative healthcare company offering mental wellness programs, health coaching for families, telemedicine services, and limited-benefit hospitalization plans.

Providing impressive preventative healthcare options is the best way to ensure transportation franchise employees’ long-term health and well-being. To learn more about taking advantage of preventative healthcare options, contact HealthCues today.

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