The Power of Preventative Care

he Power of Preventative Care

What does it mean to have access to preventative healthcare? When you take advantage of preventative healthcare, you can make decisions about how the care you receive is planned and delivered. Preventative care also allows for more effective disease prevention and predictions as well as a more precise diagnosis.

Plan and Delivery

It is the goal of healthcare professionals to provide services that benefit their patients at the highest level. However, there is sometimes a disconnect between the treatment plan created by a healthcare professional and the plan that best suits the patient. This disconnect can be prevented by patients playing a more participatory role in their treatment. Preventative healthcare is the missing link that allows individual patients to participate actively in their treatment plans. When the line of communication between the patient and healthcare provider is open, the patient’s needs will be more efficiently met.

Disease Prevention and Prediction 

An important aspect of preventative healthcare is the screening for and prediction of disease. HealthCues uses Health Risk Assessments (HRA’s), Biometric Screenings, and DNA Screenings to help predict risks. Disease prevention and prediction start with risk identification and biometrics testing. Risk identification allows for the prediction and classification of 35 different conditions. These conditions are then identified and ranked in terms of risk to your health and unique environment. Genomics testing is an individualistic approach to healthcare that emphasizes setting goals for an individual for their mental and physical well-being based on their genetics. Risk identification, Health Risk Assessments (HRA’s), Biometric Screenings, and DNA Screenings are essential tools for the management of both psychological and physical health. HealthCues utilizes risk identification, Health Risk Assessments (HRA’s), Biometric Screenings, and DNA Screenings to provide patients with effective, preventative care.

Precise Diagnosis 

A precise diagnosis plays a vital role in just how effective a treatment plan is. Preventative care allows patients and their healthcare providers to arrive at this more accurate diagnosis at a more rapid pace than when utilizing a general healthcare provider. Having a precise diagnosis at the early stages of an illness also allows the healthcare provider to inform the patient about more options for treatment in addition to improving the effectiveness of a treatment plan.

In conclusion, preventative healthcare bridges the gap between healthcare providers and patients. With the implementation of personalized care, patients are able to play a more significant role in the planning and delivery of their treatment. Some additional benefits of personalized healthcare are disease screening, prediction, and reaching a precise diagnosis at an earlier stage. All of these factors emphasize the power of preventative care.

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