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HealthCues Process Explained

HealthCues is equipped with a seasoned team to onboard enterprise-grade
companies within 90-120 days.

Reduce FICA Contributions
With W-2 employees Enrolled.

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Benefits Overview

Maximize Your HealthCues Benefits

HealthCues integrates directly into 50+ payroll providers. Onboard employees seamlessly
with our white glove training approach.

How It Works

What is a Section 125 Plan?

Passed in 1978, IRS Code Section 125 enabled employees to receive certain healthcare benefits
on a pre-tax basis. But it was not until Obamacare was passed in 2010 that made preventative
healthcare plans practical and possible.

The Pre-Tax Premium

Depending on the employee’s income, a $600 - $1200 HealthCues premium is taken out of the employee’s monthly paycheck on a pre-tax basis.

The Tax-Free Claim Payment

Ensuring all employees are utilizing the program’s benefits, a tax-free claim payment automatically enters the paycheck, totaling 80% of the premium.

Company-Wide Savings

Both the employee’s savings on income taxes and employer’s savings on FICA taxes offset the ~$200 net program cost.

Sobre Nosotros

Why HealthCues

After testing countless vendors and burning through excessive upfront capital, we found that 80% of major medical claims come from 20% of the people that are unhealthy or chronically ill.

In 2020, HealthCues was founded as a fully-funded an insured Section 125 program. We help save companies like you millions in payroll with full complaince under the IRS, HIPPA and ACA.

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What Companies Say

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Payroll Savings on FICA

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Avg W-2 Paycheck Gain



Payroll Savings on FICA

Avg W-2 Paycheck Gain

”Partnering with Healthcues has significantly impacted Infiniti HR by improving employee retention and satisfaction through increased health benefits and pay. The seamless implementation and substantial payroll tax savings have made it an invaluable tool during a challenging time for talent acquisition.”

Mark Schwaiger Infiniti Payroll



Payroll Savings on FICA

Avg W-2 Paycheck Gain

”Healthcues has been a game-changer for our company and employees, providing streamlined preventative healthcare and increased take-home pay. Implemented seamlessly in January 2023, it has significantly reduced our payroll taxes and benefited 2,000 employees across multiple locations each month.””

Kevin Graven ADEPT HR



Payroll Savings on FICA

Avg W-2 Paycheck Gain

”Partnering with Healthcues has been transformative for LeCornu Family Restaurants, enhancing our employee benefits and satisfaction while saving significantly on payroll taxes. The seamless implementation and dedicated support have uplifted our 400+ employees, improving morale, retention, and overall company well-being.”

Chris LeCornu Mc Donnalds LeCornu Restaurant

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Payroll Analysis

CEO, CFO and HR Managers are empowered to provide
employees higher W-2 income with no changes.

Select the number of W-2 employees at your company


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Total Fica Savings Breakdown:





These examples are based on a $30,000 average annual W-2 salary.

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