An abundance of health and support for you, fellow employees, your family and your friends. Abundabox from HealthCues gives you access to over 70 government funded programs that are designed to empower your well-being. Providing monthly health boxes with medicines, vitamins, flu tests, free food cards, mental health aids, healthcare devices (cell phones and tablets with unlimited talk, text and data) and more.

All with no-out-of-pocket cost to you, fellow employees, family, and friends. These offerings are entirely covered by reimbursements from various government agencies and insurance providers including your very own HealthCues.

This is available now. Encourage your fellow employees, family and friends to check their eligibility. It’s easy to check your eligibility and very little personal information is needed.

Below are some of the Abundabox boxes available. Keep in mind you can customize your boxes and you may qualify for more than one box per month.

Food Card
Prepared Meal Delivery
Nutrition Programs

Remote Therapy Access
Flu Test
Covid Test

Test Prep & Tutoring
For Kids, Teens & College
Mental Health Resources

A1C & Pre-Diabetc Test
Diabetic Education Program
Chronic Care Management

New Cell or Tablet
UnlimitedTalk, Text & Data
35 major networks free

Cardiovascular Panels
Cholesterol Panels

Resources to manage various disorders such as depression, Migraines, ADHD, PTSD, Alzheimer’s, dementia, concussions and more. A comprehensive mental health tracking and treatment platform.

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(312) 286-1894