3 Reasons Why Mental Health Management Matters

For many years, it has been the norm to push matters of mental health below the surface in places of work. Discussing mental health has been taboo and even looked down upon in some spaces. However, in light of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, we have entered a new era where mental health management has become vital to the success of a workplace. The quality of mental health management within a company can either make or break the workplace environment, as mental health is directly tied to productivity, teamwork, and job satisfaction. 



The mental health of employees directly relates to their productivity. When you are not mentally well, the last thing on your mind is completing tasks and projects from work. In the past, it has been viewed as unprofessional to bring matters of mental health into the workplace, but that is unavoidable as employees who are struggling with their  mental health may not be able to perform at the same level as employees that are not. Therefore, supporting the mental health of your employees improves both productivity and job performance. 



There is a direct relationship between mental health and the communication skills of an individual. Studies show that individuals suffering from depression and anxiety struggle to communicate on the same level as people who are not. Good communication skills are vital to the success and longevity of a company. When communication internally within a company begins to break down, outcomes are directly impacted. Communication skills are also crucial to creating an atmosphere in which teamwork thrives. 


Job Satisfaction

The more an employee struggles mentally, the less likely they are to engage in any capacity. This can look like an employee not engaging with co-workers, authority figures, employers, or even the work they are producing. As people, the more we engage with something, the more connected we feel to it. A lack of engagement causes an employee to be less satisfied with their jobs. A decrease in the job satisfaction of employees can also cause a reduction in employee attraction and retention. 

A lack of mental health management not only negatively impacts employees but also has negative implications for business outcomes. When employers do not make the mental health of employees a priority, there is a decrease in productivity, a breakdown of communication, as well as a reduction in job satisfaction. These factors can ultimately be detrimental to a business. HealthCues offers solutions that aid employers in supporting the mental health of their employees with no out-of-pocket costs, bridging the gap between employers, employees and creating a path to wellness.



About HealthCues

Founded in 2019 and headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, HealthCues offers workplace health solutions with no out-of-pocket costs, bridging the gap between employers, employees and the path to wellness with a positive financial impact. Offerings include hospitalization plans, increase take home pay for employee and employer savings in payroll, DNA screenings, health coaching, biometric screening, telehealth services, mental health services and more. The Employee Personal Health Dashboard provides 60 language translations, fitness and vitals tracking, incentive tracking, behavior identification modules, 250+ multimedia videos, wearable device connection and fitness integration challenges. For more information on HealthCues please visit www.HealthCues.com or email info@Healthcues.com.

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