More Benefits. Increase in Net Take Home Pay. Payroll Tax Savings.

HealthCues offers workplace health solutions with no-out-of-pocket cost to the employees and employers. Eligible employees on the HealthCues program will generally see a positive increase in net take home pay. Employers can average $600 per year in payroll tax savings, per employee.

What is HealthCues?

HealthCues is a fully funded/fully insured limited benefit hospitalization plan with a preventative healthcare platform. Offerings include a Limited Benefit Hospitaliization Plan that pays funds directly to the employee for hospitalizations, ambulatory and emergency room services.

FreeTelemedicine/Teletherapy for the employee and their family, Health Coaching, Biometric Screenings, DNA Screenings, Mental Health services and more.

What do your employees get?

Portal de Salud Digital

Salud conductual

DNA Testing

Entrenamiento personalizado

Identificación de riesgos


HealthCues delivers a win-win for your employees…and your bottom line!

How does HealthCues improve your business?

  • Happier, healthier employees.
  • Average annual tax savings of $600 per employee.
  • Improve recruiting by offering better benefits and higher net take-home pay.
  • No out-of-pocket costs.
  • Option for Minimum Essential Coverage with three primary care visits.
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Common Questions About HealthCues

HealthCues provides elective limited health insurance benefits under Section 125. These benefits are paid with pre-tax dollars which offsets the cost through payroll tax.

HealthCues is intended to be a supplement to traditional healthcare insurance. We do offer an option to serve Minimum Essential Coverage program that provides three primary care visits.

Portal de Salud Digital

HealthCues proporciona un paquete tecnológico especializado y totalmente integrado desarrollado con el objetivo de ayudar a los empleados a establecer un estilo de vida saludable y, al mismo tiempo, mejorar la productividad de los empleados y reducir la necesidad de costosos servicios de salud.

Entrenamiento personalizado

Brindamos a los empleados acceso a entrenadores de salud certificados en el lugar de trabajo que se les asignan personalmente.


Telemedicina bajo demanda que permite realizar consultas médicas a través de comunicaciones electrónicas seguras, incluidas videoconferencias bidireccionales, teléfono y correo electrónico.

Salud conductual

Los médicos conductuales a pedido proporcionarán evaluación, diagnóstico, consulta y psicoterapia breve para abordar las necesidades de salud conductual de cada empleado a través de videoconferencias interactivas en vivo.

Identificación de riesgos

Predecimos y clasificamos 35 condiciones diferentes e identificamos y clasificamos los riesgos para la salud de su entorno único.

Genetic (DNA) Testing

We are able to leverage this individualistic approach to place an emphasis on each employee individually and offer each participant an opportunity to set goals for his/her physical and mental well-being.

Biometric Testing

Can predict onset of many diseases such as; diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and other chronic

Yes, our program is HIPAA compliant, fully funded, fully insured and is approved by the department of insurance.

Yes, and every month you wait, you’re losing out on potential FICA savings per employee.

Yes, it’s easy! Once we receive a copy of our simplified census, we will produce a proposal for you that identifies you “the employer’s” potential savings per employee.

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